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I really enjoy putting orchestral sections together.  Here’s another snippet of what’s to come.

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Locked in an airless studio

No that’s not a song title!  I’ve been busy writing/ recording and not doing enough posting of progress.  Here’s the first of hopefully many short snippets.  It’s coming.

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It’s time.

New gear is being purchased, demos are being recorded and musical ideas and concepts are swirling around and keeping me awake at night once again. This means… It’s time to make another Cosmograf album. You can expect something wonderous in 2016 and plenty of updates as we go.

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The British Disease

This month sees the release of Steven Wilson’s latest solo album ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase’, and the keyboard warriors of the prog world have sharpened their virtual knives in readiness.  You see Steven Wilson has offended the progerati by committing the cardinal sin of ‘having some commercial success’.  Of course he’s nowhere near Phil Collins levels […]

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Spotify artists are caught between a rock and a hard place

Caught between Spotify and a hard place.

  There’s been much talk in recent months about various high profile acts withdrawing their music from Spotify’s streaming service in protest at the ridiculously low payout per stream they are making to the artist. The latest to pull the plug was Taylor Swift, citing that streaming services failed to value her art.  Earlier in […]

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The Drover and the smell of the smoke

I thought it would be fun to give some of the background to the songs on Capacitor. The album was inspired by the many hours I spent walking around my local town of Waterlooville.  I thought a lot about how the area would have looked many years ago, and all the people, now dead, who […]

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The Post-album dream.

The world of Cosmograf is currently flatter than a Yorkshire man’s cap.  Celebr8.3 came and went in a blur and it was the pinnacle of a massive year of effort and achievement in releasing Capacitor and bringing a show live to the world.  Since then, it’s all been a major anti-climax.  The album is selling […]

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Celebr8.3 Update – Surprise Guests!

Celebr8.3 update: We’ve been keeping this quiet for a while but it’s time to spill the beans. We are going to be joined on stage by 2 special Cosmograf guests during our set on Sunday 1st June. Huw Lloyd Jones (Unto Us/Also Eden) is going to be singing ‘Memory Lost’ from When Age Has Done […]

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