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A tribute to Ken Oakley – D Day veteran

65 years ago on Saturday, my dad’s cousin, Ken Oakley, stormed the beaches of Normandy as part of Royal Naval Commando assault at D-Day. Sadly, he passed away in October 2007, a smashing bloke and fondly remembered by our family. It’s chilling to think that this very day 65 years ago he was camped out […]

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It’s all going too well…..

I’m a born cynicyst and have a bad feeling about saying this but the album is shaping up rather nicely. A most productive recording session last Friday resulted in the completion of ‘In the Sea’. If ever there was a track to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat, this was it. The intro classical […]

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Status report and cracking Cheeze

Quick progress report. Got a few hours in over the weekend. ‘In the Sea’ now has all the guide tracks. It took ages getting the right drum sound and eventually settled on a fairly vintage sounding Ludwig kit from the amazing Master Picks expansion for the TD20. I’ve found some nice keyboard noises to go […]

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Three new ideas but nothing finished.

After a long lay off seeking inspiration, I seem to have ended up in the middle of writing three tracks at once. I’m not that keen on working this way as the danger is nothing will get finished. The first, ‘Evolution Railroad’ is featuring a bluegrass style opening which I’ve been messing around with months. […]

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Sins of the Father

Next track in the can, I think. I say I think, because I’ve had major issues with timing on this one, and I’m still not convinced. I’ve done this several times now, leaving a track thinking its all perfect only to come back to it a few hours later, to find the timing all over […]

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Its just a name

For the second album I thought I’d break with tradition and come up with the artwork and name before substantially completing the music. This new tactic seems to be working as it’s got me thinking more about the album concept and where I want to go with the music. A few hours in Photoshop later, […]

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First track finished

I’ve been playing around with this Spanish guitar riff for about 8months and I’ve finally got to do something useful with it. It’s played on my nylon string Raimundo Classical which I’ve had since aged 15. Have to say it sounds bloody awesome with D’addario Classical strings. I also made a marvelous discovery that Waves […]

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Preparation, preparation, preparation

Its a been a massive uphill struggle to get the home studio ready to record the second album. Somewhere during post mastering ‘Freed from Anguish’, Cubase SX threw a massive wobbly resulting in major PC clear out, defrag, and reinstallation of Cubase along with all the VSTs. It’s been worth it though despite still suffering […]

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