Sins of the Father

Next track in the can, I think. I say I think, because I’ve had major issues with timing on this one, and I’m still not convinced. I’ve done this several times now, leaving a track thinking its all perfect only to come back to it a few hours later, to find the timing all over the shop. I can heartily recommend leaving your work and coming back to it as, it seems particularly with audio that familiarity breeds contempt.

The problems started when I took the bold decision to record the drum track first. Enter Bonhamesque sounding 1964 Ludwig kit from Master Picks, all good, BUT when you put down a drum track in isolation you have no idea how you are going to structure the song around it. I had to get some guitars in there quick, Page-esque vintage Brit with my LesPaul (There’s a pattern forming here?). The drum track was recorded again with the extra guitar prompting and then I did a cut and paste marathon stitching stuff back and forth. The end result was good but with some misalignments with the tempo track. I struggled on. Bass, then various lead lines etc. The similarity with anything Led Zep was killed with some scary choral samples and of course when I started singing……

Fun track to work on but hope it still sounds OK in the cold light of day.

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