Status report and cracking Cheeze

Quick progress report. Got a few hours in over the weekend. ‘In the Sea’ now has all the guide tracks. It took ages getting the right drum sound and eventually settled on a fairly vintage sounding Ludwig kit from the amazing Master Picks expansion for the TD20. I’ve found some nice keyboard noises to go with the Piano intro, namely ‘The Cheeze Machine’ which is a classic 70’s string synth emulator. It produces nice Richard Wright style ensembles (Think Shine On….). This song started as a Muse style epic, but the vocals have killed the similarity. I’m slightly worried it now sounds a ‘musical theatre’ which would be an appalling prospect. Lots still to do on this one, so much for getting it finished quickly. The finished track will be over 7mins long though which is prog rock record length for me.

Overall progress so far:

La Iglesia – Complete, bar mixing, mastering
Sins of the Father – complete bar remix and replace lost sample (Cubase ate it!!)
In the Sea – Song written, guide tracks down, needs final performances and mixing.
Evolution Railroad – More song writing to do on this,
Who will you serve – More song writing to do on this

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