The ever moving deadline

“I love deadlines, I like the whooshing noise they make as they fly by.”

Well the plan to get the record out by February has failed, and it won’t be out in March either. April maybe, but I’m going to have to go some.
Due to work commitments, general malaise and lack of motivation, I’m not getting nearly enough studio time to bring this project home. The sheer task of getting this album mixed and sounding great has turned into a monster effort and there’s much still to do. I’m quietly excited though, by how it’s sounding. Several of the tracks are sounding fairly immense with Bob Dalton’s drums in the mix. It’s amazing how adding the real drums cements everything together. The artwork is also looking most awesome courtesy of Graeme ‘Twig’ Bell.
I’m 100% happy with what I’ve written, that’s been the easy bit, but much less so with my own performances and production which I’m constantly re-recording or adjusting the mix in order to improve things.
I’ve had the music rattling around my head now for 14months or so which feels like a huge chunk of my life, although in album making terms really isn’t that long. Secretly I’m rather scared what will happen when it get’s released. I’d be gutted if the album failed to make any impact but these things take years to reach consciousness.
More soon.


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