BRIT Prog, it’s the future, I’ve tasted it.

I’m sat here copying the final mixes to a USB stick ready for mastering tomorrow at Aubitt Studios with Rob Aubrey. When Age has Done its Duty has taken 18months of my life in agonising over writing, recording, mixing, production and it’s all condensed here on a tiny bit of silicon chip encapsulated in green plastic.

To be honest, looking back, I can hardly believe how far this has come.
WAHDID came about after the unearthing of family history following a death of my Great Aunt who brought up my Mum in rural Shropshire. I was asked to read at the funeral and I wrote a piece that contained the line, ‘When Age has Done its Duty, our bodies, weak become’. This was the lightbulb moment, and the start of the concept album.
Some of the music had been written months before. In fact the classical guitar parts on ‘On which we Stand’ were rattling around my head, and the house to the annoyance of the family, for months before. A large part of the reading I made in a packed church in Cleobury North Shropshire also made it’s way into the lyrics on the same track along with the great writing input from Simon Rogers who weaved the beautiful 12 string and Ebow parts into it.
I think a new trend is developing in Prog currently. BRIT Prog. At the vanguard of this is Big Big Train. Their wonderful album ‘The Underfall Yard’ was a big inspiration for me with it’s quintessentially English themes, and musical feel. Tinyfish, Also Eden, and Sean Filkins amongst others are all producing the most wonderfully British music at the moment and it all tells wonderful stories, expands the imagination and tickles our nostalgia bones. I’m proud to consider this album is very much part of the same genre.
I really hope people give it a go.

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