First track finished

I’ve been playing around with this Spanish guitar riff for about 8months and I’ve finally got to do something useful with it. It’s played on my nylon string Raimundo Classical which I’ve had since aged 15. Have to say it sounds bloody awesome with D’addario Classical strings. I also made a marvelous discovery that Waves X noise filter banishes all the nasty background hiss and hum from the mic. Brilliant.

NI’s B4II gets wheeled out for some serious tonewheel action along with the incredible Guitar Rig 2. I worked out how to remotely run the ‘virtual’ leslie during playing which gives the Hammond a live feel during recordings. 4fronts Truepianos also makes a fleeting appearance.

The first track is complete I’ve christened it La Iglesia (‘The Church’ in Spanish). Straight instrumental with the church bell sample from Freesound project taking centre stage. The guitar solo is unashamedly Yngwie inspired although without his speed, agility or knowledge of the fretboard.


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