Good progress

Things are going well.  Mr Nick D’Virgilio played an absolute blinder as usual and demolished the entire album’s worth of drums in a single day session at Aubitt Studios last month. The man is a prog machine. He listens once, and by the second take is so into the groove of the track, it’s often nailed on the second or third pass.  Rob Aubrey has just secured a brand new red Mapex Saturn 5 kit for Aubitt Studios which we used and it sounded even nicer than the previous blue Mapex Saturn which accompanied Nick on all his UK missions for quite a few years.  I’m currently working on the mixes and the results so far are a bit good.

Everything is written, the concept has finally fallen into place, I even have a title and the cover art is even done.  I’m now working through the tracks and making those decisions about guests, and who gets to play what.  This album also features a fair bit of voice over talent and scripts and files are being sent and returned from near and far corners of the world, being assembled and mixed into the track.

I think this album delves a little deeper into my rock roots.  There are short tracks, there are long tracks, there’s cinematic scoring, there’s heavy rock screaming, and a whole lot of riffs.  Hopefully, all the trademarks you’ve come to expect from a Cosmograf album.

Nick D'Virgilio

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2 Responses to Good progress

  1. Nick Colangelo Sunday 25th October 2015 at 16:34 #

    Newcomer- favorite bands YES , Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree

  2. Mark Saturday 14th November 2015 at 06:00 #

    I am constanty amazed at the wealth of talent you draw upon. I dunno about the whole “britprog” thing – I’m an Aussie and I love it! Labels schmabels I say – just keep doing your thing!

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