October 2020 shows postponed to 2021

I’m sad to announce that we have had no option but to reschedule the Cosmograf/ Gungfly shows planned for this October to the 1st and 2nd October 2021. In addition. the entire Summer’s End festival has been cancelled for this year but we can confirm that our planned appearance there has been rescheduled for Sunday 3rd October 2021. So in short, the entire 3 day date ‘micro tour’ has been postponed for exactly 1 year.
As you know the current outlook for bands wishing to play live is grim to say the least and we as Cosmograf managed to pick the worst time possible to make our assault on the live scene. Even if the venues were allowed to run the shows this October, the social distancing regulations that would be required, and lower confidence from the public in the safety of attending gigs would mean that along with the venues and our booking agent, we could all lose a great deal of money. I’m afraid the financial returns are perilous enough as they are and we can’t take that financial risk. As it stands, I’ve already lost a fair chunk of time and money in preparation and equipment purchases but this will at least be carried forward to next year and won’t go to waste. My personal view is that nothing will change for the viability of gigs for some time to come but by postponing for a whole year we have a fighting chance of making the shows a success once the world is back to something approaching normal.
Apologies to everyone who has already bought tickers and was looking forward to these shows. In the meantime it’s full steam ahead on studio work and I am pleased to announce that there are not one but two new Cosmograf albums planned for 2020/2021. More news on that soon…