Cosmograf History

Cosmograf was born in 2008 when Robin produced his first home demo album, ‘Freed from the Anguish’ followed by the release of ‘End of Ecclesia’ in 2009. The next release ‘When Age Has Done Its Duty’ showed a huge uplift both in writing and production quality and captured the attention of the progressive rock community, and the press alike, leading to a Limelight nomination in the PROG magazine awards.

The Cosmograf sound is rooted in 70’s classic rock with many contemporary influences from rock, progressive rock and metal. There is always a particular emphasis on concepts and atmospheric production leading to comparisons with artists such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, and Steven Wilson.

Since then some 7 albums have been produced to date, with much critical acclaim and press attention. See the full discography here.

In June 2014 the band performed their only live appearance to date playing at the Celebr8.3 progressive rock festival at Islington Assembly Hall. The line up consisted of Robin Armstrong- Vocals/Guitar/ Keyboards, Luke Machine – Guitar, Lee Abraham- Guitar/ Backing Vocal, Steve Dunn – Bass, Kyle Fenton – Drums.

Robin at Celebr8.3 June 2014 (Picture credit: Dan Armstrong)

Cosmograf is signed to Gravity Dream Music, a small independent record label run by Robin.

About Robin

Robin was born in Grays, Essex but brought up in Waterlooville, Hampshire, England where he still lives today.   His first foray into music began after being gifted an Italian made Antonelli organ when he was 12 and later a Raimundo classical guitar at aged 15, which he still has.  As a teenager, Robin was captivated by Deep Purple’s fusion of heavy rock with Baroque intros and lead lines, and the duelling riffs between Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore.

Robin hard at work in the ‘The Trees’.

He never really stuck with one instrument and couldn’t get on at all with learning to read music, so learned to play guitar and keyboards, and later bass, by ear.   His first band ‘Legend’ was formed at school where he played keys, followed by ‘Blue Steal’ and later a 3 piece progressive rock group ‘Cry of Love’ where he sung and played bass, performing gigs at a few local venues.

Music fell mostly by the wayside after pursuing a career in the Water Industry but the interest soon returned when a creative outlet was desperately needed. He experimented with electronic music in the 90s, producing a few demo albums with the moniker ‘Toxic Czar’ then later returned to guitar playing, being very much influenced by the great players of classic rock, heavy rock, and metal.

Having also taught himself to play drums to a very basic standard along the way, he became more interested in studio production and duly embarked on a mission to record and produce his own album, which became the birth of ‘Cosmograf’. A long and rewarding journey ensued, producing 7 albums spanning a 10 year period.

Robin built his own recording studio ‘The Trees’, at the bottom of his garden in 2010 and is at his happiest there writing, recording and producing music.

As well as working on Cosmograf, Robin was a touring member of the progressive rock band Big Big Train during 2019 and 2020, playing keyboard and guitar. He has made numerous contributions , both as a guest and producer to other artist’s music in the genre.