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Rattrapante – ‘Single’ Version

Cosmograf – Rattrapante (Official Video)

11-06-2021 – We’ve released a new shorter version of the title track to to the new album, Rattrapante along with a brand new video. At 7.49 in length you could call it a double length single. As well as the video you can listen and download the actual track here in 96kHz 24bit wav format for FREE or pay what you want direct to Robin’s page. To download just click on the white cloud icon on the right of the audio player.

The album itself is available to buy on Vinyl and CD in our shop and in digital format from our Bandcamp page.

Aspire Achieve Ringtone

We discovered that the intro to Aspire, Achieve, makes a great ring tone. You can download it for free below.

If you like it and would like to send Robin a tip, then you can do so at his page here

Audio Experiments

armAudio Passive transformer test:

There are 2 audio files below one with the final mix sent through the armAudio passive transformer box and one without. Which one do think is the ‘transformer’ mix and which one do you like the best?
(The files are 96Khz / 24bit)