New Album – Mind Over Depth

We are pleased to announce that there is a new album being released on April 12th 2019. Mind Over Depth is the heaviest Cosmograf album yet, with Kyle Fenton on drums who played on the 2017 record ‘The Hay Man Dreams’ and Colin Edwin (O.R.k/ Porcupine Tree) guesting. It’s available to pre-order now in our shop.

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  1. mark6500fb Thursday 16th May 2019 at 20:38 #

    I’m presently listening at the Mind Over Depth album. I can’t understand what’s happening to me with Cosmograf music. I’m not someone who likes heavy music. Mind Over Depth is heavier than the other albums, that’s right. And yet, Cosmograf is still Cosmograf. Still amazing. Still addictive. There is an unalterable common thread between the first “End of Ecclesia” album, to the last “Mind Over Depth” album.
    Once, I have discovered the WAHDID album, and I told myself that Robin had given the best of his music. And then, The Man left in Space. Capacitor. Then, The Unreasonable Silence,… and album after album, I asked myself which one was my favorite.
    Finally I have to say that this music is dangerous: it is more than music. It’s very rare. Once you’ve discovered it, it seems that you can’t listen at another music. Not another kind of music, just another music. I’ve just achieved to discover this new MOD album.. And now, drowned in the Cosmograf world, I return to the same music… with End of Ecclesia. It’s just something incredible…
    Fabrice, french listener

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