Celebr8.3 is looming. Get your tickets. WIN £300 worth here.

Celebr8.3 is nearly here.  Weekend tickets are £75.00 for ten of the most top bands in the Progressive genre! There are also day tickets at £45.00 or Evening tickets at £20.00. http://houseofprogression.progzilla.com/?p=182 SHARE THE PODCAST!  I want as many people as possible to hear this and get tickets for the Festival. Because of this I’m […]

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New Video released: The Fear Created

We’ve just launched our new video for ‘The Fear Created’, which is track 2 on the album, Capacitor.  The track features Nick D’Virgilio on drums and Colin Edwin on bass. Watch it here.

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Capacitor – Pre Order – Live Now

The Capacitor CD Pre-Order is now LIVE, release date 2/6/2014.  Click the logo to order.        

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New Album – ‘Capacitor’

The new album is done!  It’s called ‘Capacitor’ and will be pre-ordering very soon on this site with an official release date of June 2nd 2014.  The theme for the album is the storage of the human spirit, and how the imprint of our lives is left behind both in a spiritual and technological sense.  I […]

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A big year for Cosmograf.

2013 has been great for Cosmograf.  The Man Left in Space has gained quite a bit of critical acclaim and been featured in a number of ‘best prog release of 2013’ lists, which I’m really pleased about. I got to record BVs for Big Big Train, and Lee Abraham for their albums, and work once […]

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On the Shoulders of Giants…

This is turning out to be quite a year for Cosmograf.   February saw the release of TMLIS which has exceeded all my expectations in terms of critical acclaim.  I was even nominated for a PROG award, as well as the album getting great reviews in the progressive rock press. The new album scheduled for […]

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We’ve been nominated!

I really thrilled that Cosmograf has been nominated in the 2013 Progressive Music Awards in the ‘Limelight’ category.  This is a big deal for me and an honour to be considered in such a fine company of musicians.    The award is based on audience votes, and whilst it’s highly unlikely we’d ever be able […]

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Interview with Robin Armstrong, ‘The Man Left In Space’

Martin Kielty from PROG Magazine, asked Robin a few questions about the latest Cosmograf album, The Man Left in Space released in February 2013. <MK>On the surface the concept behind the album sounds dark and even negative. Is that the case, or is it more reflective than that?     Yes, it could be construed as negative […]

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