Preparation, preparation, preparation

Its a been a massive uphill struggle to get the home studio ready to record the second album. Somewhere during post mastering ‘Freed from Anguish’, Cubase SX threw a massive wobbly resulting in major PC clear out, defrag, and reinstallation of Cubase along with all the VSTs. It’s been worth it though despite still suffering with hideous audio drop outs during playback with mutliple effects/VSTs.

Since the first and second album I’ve managed to acquire 2 or 3 new guitars, a Line 6 Pocket Pod and the Waves Bundle which all want to make an appearance on the new album.

I still can’t help thinking that this process would be so much slicker if I had an engineer on hand who could run SX rather than me spending 10mins recording and 10hours fiddling with software. I’m hoping the productivity ratios will improve this time around……


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